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Millions of people visit southeast Ohio's Hocking Hills region every year, mostly to hike on the area's beautiful and varied trails. Yet no hiking guidebook exists -- until now. Hocking Hills Day Hikes, both eBook and pocket-size print book, includes:

  • 25 featured trails in the Hocking Hills, from classics like Old Man's Cave, Rock House, and Cedar Falls, to some lesser-known trails on preserves like Christmas Rocks, Boch Hollow, and Butterfly Ridge.

  • Basic info on each hike, including trailhead directions, trail length, and facilities.

  • A brief description of what to expect from each hike.

  • A descriptive photo of the hike.

  • Easy-to-read trail maps for each trail, plus an overview map of trails in the region.

  • Basic info about other nearby hikes.

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