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Hocking Hills Day Hikes



“Mary Reed has created an indispensable companion to so many solo and family adventures to the Hocking Hills with great photos, easy-to-read maps, and hike descriptions that fits in your pack. Beyond the well-known destinations included like the Grandma Gatewood/Buckeye Trail at Old Man's Cave, Reed highlights lesser known, but just as spectacular, sights throughout the region with a great leave no trace message to ensure we all continue to hike, enjoy and steward this special part of Ohio.”

—Andrew Bashaw, executive director, Buckeye Trail Association 

"Mary Reed’s new book is a must for all serious hikers. Even casual strollers should arm themselves with this guide, as it takes any guesswork out of Hocking Hills day trips and destinations. Each site is detailed with clear descriptions and an indispensable map. Any fears of getting lost will be removed by consulting this book. Natural history information is sprinkled throughout, offering guidance on notable flora and fauna to watch for. If you like nature and Ohio’s gorgeous Hocking Hills region, you’ll want this book."

—Jim McCormac, author of Wild Ohio: The Best of Our Natural Heritage

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